About the Program

Training for Employment (TFE) platform provides e-learning programs for Students at 4th Year Grade and Fresh Graduates from Governmental (Faculty of Commerce and Faculty of Economics and Political Science) & Private Universities (Faculty of Commerce, Faculty of Law, … etc.) all over Egypt. The program will cover different and several topics including business, interpersonal skills, financial and banking programs. Also, it will act as a linkage between program's graduates and Egyptian banks.

Eligible participants will start their e-learning journey by completing the following steps:

  1. Registering through the platform
  2. Passing the English assessment (minimum score 50%)

Program Steps:

  1. Finish all program components during One Month.
  2. After finishing the program and within 2 weeks, participants will have to finish the following at Egyptian Banking Institute (EBI) Head Quarter – Nasr City

a.         Final Exam

b.          Hogan (psychometric exam) for General Employability. If passing the end of program exam (Hogan Report to show if the participant is recommended or not recommended)

تقييم هوجان "وهو تقييم سيكومتري لقياس ثلاثة من الجدارات السلوكية الأساسية للالتحاق ببيئة العمل ويتم الإجابة عليه طبقًا لطبيعة شخصية المٌمتَحِن ويتم تحليل الإجابات إلكترونيًا ومن ثَم إصدار التقرير الذي يحتوي على نتيجة المٌمتَحِن في الجدارات الثلاثة" حيث صدر التقرير Not Recommended، علماً بأن هذا التقرير صالح لمدة عام من تاريخ أجراء الاختبار

In case of passing the final exam,

Participants who pass the final exam and Hogan General Employability assessment, will obtain completion certificate, and will have the chance to upload their CVs along with other required documents on TFE platform, to be available for EBI Member banks. 

Program Objectives: 

  • Bridging the gap between academic education and labor market requirements.
  • Develop technical and business skills to prepare youth for labor market.
  • Build a conscious personality capable of interacting and dealing with others.
  • Boosting participants’ main skills that is required for their career growth.

Program Hours: around 23 hours (you will have a total of ONE month to finish all components at any time).

Target Audience: 

For Governmental Universities:

4th year students and fresh graduates from Faculty of Commerce and Faculty of Economics and Political Science, aiming at preparing them to labor market.

 For Private Universities:

4th year students and fresh graduates from Faculty of Commerce, Faculty of Law, … etc.).


Program Language: English

For Program Prerequisites شروط البرنامج Click Here

For Assessment Strategy Click Here

Program Fees: 

For Governmental Universities:

Program will be partially funded by Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) for those who will meet the pre-requisites criteria.

For Private Universities:

Students will pay all amount of the program.

For more details about the Program Outline Click here